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Private birth classes in Byron Bay and Online. Teaching you everything you need to feel empowered about your birth.

Hi, I'm Tori.

Registered Midwife in the Northern Rivers.

My career has ranged from working in large hospital units to volunteering in remote communities in Africa.After working in the hospital birthing system for a few years it became clear that as a western society we have lost our trust and faith in women’s bodies and their natural ability to birth.

I decided to create peace with birth classes to educate and empower women to reclaim their birth as a business of their bodies. Making birth education down to earth and enjoyable by hosting classes in a safe and comfortable environment.To be informed is your greatest tool to paving your way to a more gentle and connected birthing experience.

With love and kindness,


Birth Classes

Approach birth and beyond with trust and confidence.

These sessions are about having a down to earth conversation about birth in an intimate space where you can feel comfortable and heard. 

If you're interested to improve your understanding of birth and beyond, click the link below and I cant wait to meet you.  All are welcome. 

From womb to earth.

Image by: @karlaroswell If you are reading this while life is blooming inside you, I want you to just take a moment and sit with

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