Frequently Asked Questions

This page is to help you with the nitty gritty questions I know you’re thinking.

Yes you can, but prepare for your brain to be overloaded with information. If time isnt your friend and you would like to do the sessions all in one then all you need to do is specify this in the enquiry box on the ‘our classes’ page.

Of course! I encourage it. Partners can be your significant other or any birth support of your choosing. All are welcome here 

Absolutely! There may be things you already know which we can trouble shoot and leave out but ultimately this class is super empowering and will support you on your journey with this new babe. 

We are in the early stages of peace with birth classes. At the moment to make things easier the class that I am offering is tailored to vaginal birth. Hopefully in the near future i can release more classes tailored to caesarean births.

Ive got you!
Knowledge is power. We will address your fears , anxieties and emotions in detail before we proceed with the birth education. I guarantee that you will walk away from these classes with a completely different mindset and a badass i got this vibe.  Sounds like you need to sign up.

100% yes. We will go through all of your pain relief options both pharmaceutical and natural to support you to make an informed decision.

Not at this current time, i’m sorry. 

Yes i will because lets face it at some point in your pregnancy induction of labour will come up. Induction of labour is a a big topic so we will touch on the basics just enough to know what to ask your health care professionals if an induction is recommended for you. 

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