Hi, I'm Tori.

I'm a midwife from the Northern Rivers and I'm here to empower you on your birth journey.

My Journey.

From working in large hospital units to volunteering in remote communities in Africa.

Being a midwife is so much more to me than a job, it honestly is my soul purpose, my passion is so strong that I could talk about it for hours (ask my partner ryan, sorry babe.)

But for you, ill keep it brief.

What breaks my heart is how our western society has lost the art of birthing. We have lost faith and trust in the physiology of birth, we have forgotten that birth is a powerful initiation that propels women into motherhood, and we fail to acknowledge and praise the intricate hormones that come into play that can make birth an empowering event instead of a feared one.

I would love for every woman to walk away from their birth physically safe and emotionally well stepping into their new roles as mothers with utter calm and confidence.

Why I created
Peace with Birth classes.

There is a big gap for informational, realistic and supportive birth classes that are tailored to the needs of the woman.

My classes are here to offer you empowerment through information. To reclaim birth as a business of your body. My experience in the hospital system has taught me that when it comes to birthing we cannot simply put our hands up and just “go with the flow”. Unfortunately the flow isn’t always in our best interest.

My sessions will give you the information you need to birth with confidence no matter what this looks like for you. With this knowledge you will feel comfortable to ask questions and advocate for your needs.

The classes will also give you a sound understand of how your body is made to birth and so much more.

For more information go to our classes.

Like the beautiful Ina May Gaskin once said

“Whenever and however you give birth, your experience will impact your emotions, your mind, your body, and your spirit for the rest of your life.”

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