Tips on how to approach birth


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Turn negativity into positivity – It’s normal to experience negative thoughts in your labour, acknowledge these but do not dwell on them. It is helpful to reframe those thoughts with positivity and gratitude.  

For example a negative thought may be  “I cant do this” which can turn into “I can do this, I am doing this!” or “ I am grateful that I have a capable body” 

Think of contractions like waves in the ocean – The wave will slowly build and this is where you need to have deep focus on your breath to get ready for the peak of the wave (the most intense part) You’ll ride that intensity for 1-2 minutes and then the wave will crash. The ocean then turns back to a smooth calm state, and you need to too. Consciously relax your forehead, jaw, and shoulders, release all of that tension to prepare yourself for the next wave (contraction).

Laughter is the best medicine- There is no reason why you can’t have humour in the birth room. I encourage it! If you have a support person that can make you laugh, encourage them to do so when appropriate (normally between a contraction). 

Surround yourself with love and support-  Bring only people into your birth room that have something to bring to you. This goes for healthcare professionals as well. If you are part of a continuity program great, otherwise if its a new midwife / doctor its important to feel comfortable around them and if you have any intuition that is telling you otherwise it is okay to speak up to protect your space.  

Labour is a balancing act of being in and out of control, just like a surfer who rides a wave. You can’t control the intensity of the wave underneath you but you can focus and surrender and just ride it! & remember the sweet sweet reward of your gorgeous baby is waiting for you. 

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